Key People

Mr M Rayner

Leading strategic vision and direction of school and whole school achievements and standards

Mr A Wootton

Leading: Curriculum, Timetable & Standards (KS4), Data Tracking & Analysis

Mrs J Doig

Leading: Finance, Admin, Estates, ICT and Catering

Mrs J Stubbs

Leading: Safeguarding/Inclusion, Attendance and oversight of Key Stage 3 standards

Mrs E Todd

Leading: Information & Guidance, oversight of Key Stage 4 standards

Mr D Rankin

Leading: Professional Development, Independent Learning & Teaching and Learning

Mrs S Barker

Leading: Pupil Premium, Parental Engagement, Enrichment & Student Leadership

Mrs C Rowley

Leading: Catholic Life, Transition, Most Able & oversight of Year 7

Mrs A Bradbury

Leading: Sixth Form

Mrs E Pycroft

Leading: Maths Department & Numeracy

Mrs T Leese

Leading: English Department, Literacy and Library