Religious Education

What is included in the course?

Religious Education at St. Thomas More Catholic Academy explores beliefs and teachings within Catholic Christianity and Judaism at GCSE along with Sikhism, Islam and Buddhism throughout years 7 and 8. Our curriculum explores key philosophical questions and ethical debates from both religious and non-religious perspectives, including Humanism. RE is all about exploring the wonderful world around us, examining real life ethical debates and learning to understand, respect and tolerate those around us. Our RE syllabus has Christ at the Centre, encompassing our Catholic Values of Faith, Excellence and Respect and inspiring our students to ‘Aspire to Be More’ in all that they do.

Key areas of study include:

Year 7: The Nature of God, Mass and the Church, Creation, Sacraments, Religion in the World Today and Sikhism

Year 8: Discipleship and Role Models, Vocations, Islam, Buddhism and Ethical Studies

Year 9: Introduction to GCSE: ‘Life and Death’ which includes religious and non-religious beliefs about Creation, the Afterlife, Medical Ethics and the Sanctity of Life; the Study of Judaism including Jewish Beliefs and Practices.

Year 10 and 11: GCSE topics include:

  • Christian beliefs including the Nature of God, Creation, Jesus’ Salvation and the Afterlife
  • Christian practices including Prayer, the Sacraments, Pilgrimage, Celebrations and Evangelisation
  • Beliefs about the origins of the universe including religious and scientific theories
  • Views on the value of human life and the study of medical ethics including abortion and euthanasia
  • Beliefs and teachings on the afterlife
  • The concept of crime, sin and punishment including capital punishment
  • The importance of forgiveness within religion
  • Issues of human rights including wealth, poverty and extremism

Relationships with ourselves, others and Christ

How will I be assessed?

  • All year groups will complete an assessed piece of work every fortnight to assess their progress
  • GCSE Y11: Three written external exams which cover the above GCSE content and will all take place in the Summer of Year 11

What grades are available?

GCSE RE is a full GCSE which will be graded from 1-9. Grade 9 being the top grade.

Progression and Career Opportunities

RE is a popular subject studied on to A-Level as ‘Philosophy, Ethics and Theology’. It is highly regarded by top universities and is an excellent foundation for anyone looking to work in Law, Politics, Education, Medicine, Business and many more exciting fields of work.

Who should I contact for more information?

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