What is included in the course?

Students will travel the world from the classroom, exploring case studies in the United Kingdom (UK), newly emerging economies (NEEs) and lower income countries (LICs). Students are also encouraged to understand their role in society, by considering different viewpoints, values and attitudes. Learners will study a mixture of physical and human geography including ‘Natural Hazards’, ‘Physical landscapes in the UK’ and ‘The living world’, ‘Urban issues’ ‘Our Changing economic world;’ and ‘The challenge of resource management’. In addition learners will tackle two pieces of fieldwork to contrasting environments and develop data analysis and interpretation skills in preparation for their pre-release paper.

How will I be assessed?

There are three exams in Geography:

  • Unit 1 exam – 1.5 hours, worth 35% of GCSE (88 marks including 3SPAG) to test the physical geography topics.
  • Unit 2 exam– 1.5 hours, worth 35% of GCSE (88 marks including 3SPAG) to test the human geography topics.
  • Unit 3 exam – 1 hour, worth 30% of GCSE (76 marks including 6 SPAG) – testing fieldwork skills. This is also the pre-release paper (issued approx. 5 March – 12 weeks prior to exams.

What grades are available?

  • This course is worth a full GCSE
  • The grades available are 1-9. Grade 9 being the top grade.

Who should I contact for more information?

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