• Our aim is to provide a curriculum with equality at its heart, so that all our students including our disadvantaged and SEND students can Aspire to be More, achieving their full potential and preparing them to be active and successful in adults in modern Britain.  Within this, our curriculum is designed to be inclusive, broad and balanced in that it educates not only academically but holistically.   All students are provided with the core knowledge that is the foundation of success.
  • At the heart of our curriculum lies a respect for the subjects we teach and insight into the world each provides.  In our Catholic school, the true development of the person, takes precedence over all other things.  Aspiration and ambition for all our learners drive the curriculum, including the highest expectations and ambition for our disadvantaged learners, and all staff work relentlessly to remove barriers to learning and intervene where necessary so that all students can succeed.
  • The curriculum covering Years 7 to 9 builds on the work of Primary colleagues, providing pupils with a rich and full curriculum that not only prepares them for KS4 but also gives them the skills and knowledge to make the first decisions about their future career pathways.  Where links to the world of work can be made these are capitalised on to ensure students understand the relevance of learning to their future.  The full national curriculum is offered.
  • KS4 is a two year programme that offers a mix of academic and vocational subjects.  These have been chosen to suit the needs of learners.  Sufficient time is offered to the core subjects to ensure that students are fully immersed in their important skills.  EBacc is the foundation of our broad and balanced curriculum.  The mix of subjects is designed to maximise the opportunity for students for employment, training and further education.
  • At KS5, a wide range of subjects are on offer due to our Trinity partnership with fellow Catholic schools.  Again, we offer a mix of both academic and vocational subjects.  We strive to ensure that we provide each student with a study programme that is appropriate and individualised to best suit their aspirations for future study, training or employment. Students are able to follow courses of study aimed at Higher Education (including Russell Group Universities), apprenticeships and employment.  Sixth Form students also access a wide range of opportunities beyond their academic studies.  The curriculum aims to educate the whole person, developing confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. The curriculum provides one hour a week of General RE leading to an EPQ and timetabled time for a range of enrichment activities.  David Campbell Soccer school is one of the options available to students.  Our extensive pastoral and enrichment programme enables all students to develop employability and life skills and through the study of General RE and enrichment including the Career Ready and SVP, developing responsible citizens and leaders who can make a positive contribution to society.
  • Disadvantaged students are supported through a range of carefully considered methods with are bespoke and tailored towards their needs and taking into account their different starting points, to ensure that barriers to learning are removed and that they can achieve accelerated progress..
  • More able pupils access the Honours Programme completing a range of enrichment and academic activities as part of their charter and then graduate after completion. The programme stretches and challenges our most able students and encourages them to reach their goals and aspirations. This programme has equality at its heart, positively including disadvantaged learners to remove barriers to learning and to support them to achieve their potential.
  • Catholic Life is at the heart of the school. Students are encouraged to lead on prayer life, fundraising and liturgy. Student representatives from every year group set a positive example in leading activities.
  • Our extensive SMSC and enrichment programme enables all students to develop employability and life skills.  This continues in the Sixth form through the study of General RE and enrichment including, Career Ready and SVP, developing responsible citizens and leaders who can make a positive contribution to society.

Principles and Beliefs

The Curriculum at St Thomas More Catholic Academy is underpinned by the values and principles outlined in our Academy Mission Statement: As an Academy at the heart of the community we aim to raise the expectations and achievements of all learners; we aim to change for the better the lives and life chances of all members of our community and prepare them for life beyond school. We are committed to the achievement of rapid educational transformation within the college through the development of outstanding practice based through sustainable collaboration.


We will ensure that all our students have the opportunity to reach their full potential through the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum delivered within a caring and supportive environment.  The on-going professional development of all staff will ensure sustainability and assist in the creation of a culture of continued improvement where students strive to achieve at the highest level; where they ‘aspire to be more’.

Our curriculum delivery is supported by:

  • Honours programme
  • Rising stars programme
  • Enrichment programme
  • Form time programme
  • Knowledge organisers
  • Key stage 3 & 4 progress lead
  • The Pastoral Curriculum and Pastoral Year teams
  • Acts of Worship
  • Our weekly 15 minutes of Faith programme
  • Assertive mentoring programme
  • External agencies
  • Our Lead Practitioners

Curriculum Structure


If you have an enquiry regarding the curriculum at St Thomas More, please contact or call 01782 882900.

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