Curriculum Intent

We work hard to ensure that all students are confident mathematicians who enjoy the subject and possess the skills that they will need to be successful in their future lives. Through our carefully planned and expertly delivered curriculum, students are able to recognise the significance of mathematics to their own lives and to society.

The Mathematics curriculum is sequenced so that previous knowledge is built upon, and the skills needed to prepare students for the next phase of their mathematical journey are learned in a logical and coherent order. Students are encouraged to think carefully about their mathematical reasoning, developing their synopticity, problem solving and high levels of oracy to communicate their understanding.

At KS3 (Y7-9) we build on the key concepts from KS2 to ensure that all students develop a wide range of mathematical skills, improving both their fluency and confidence in the subject. The curriculum ensures that all students have a strong understanding of numeracy and proportional reasoning which feeds into all other mathematical elements of algebra, geometry and statistics.

The curriculum at KS4 is designed to further build upon student understanding to fully master mathematics, allowing opportunities to recall, revisit and extend previous learning. By the end of KS4 all students will be:

  • self-analytical, thoughtful and independent
  • able to apply their skills to the wider world, love learning and exploring their capabilities within mathematics.
  • ready for their next phase of learning or destination



At key stage 3 we establish the firm foundations required for students to excel into key stage 4. Our schemes of learning are tailored towards students’ starting points in year 7 to ensure that all have the support and challenge they need to experience success. Students will be exposed to mathematics and its applications in the real world, and develop important skills surrounding proportional reasoning, financial mathematics and problem-solving strategies.

Students are placed on a mathematics pathway at the beginning of year 7, based upon their starting points.


Upon completion of our key stage 3 course, students are entered into their GCSE course. The curriculum is sequenced so that all students can reach their full potential at GCSE level, providing challenge and support where necessary to ensure maximum success and confidence.

Curriculum Content

  • Number– Including numerical skills with all varieties of number, numerical fluency, and applications of number.
  • Algebra– Including linear and quadratic equations/expressions, creation and uses of graphs, coordinate geometry and strategic problem solving.
  • MultiplicativeReasoning – Including ratio, proportion, currency conversion, algebraic proportion, value for money, percentages and financial skills.
  • Geometryand Measure – Including area, volume, angle facts, construction, transformation and applied measure.
  • Probabilityand Statistics – Including representations of data, interpretations of data, effective sampling, analysis of chance and using analysis of data/chance to make informed judgements.


The curriculum coverage and its opportunities for exploration of mathematics ensure that pupils develop a love of challenge and learning.


The curriculum for mathematics at key stage 5 is designed to further their knowledge from the GCSE curriculum, and allow students to take a more independent approach to learning. Students will be given new methods for otherwise unsolvable problems at GCSE, and enable them to engage with algebraic formulas in contexts, through the Statistics and Mechanics part of the course.

For those that loved have Mathematics so far, the A Level curriculum is designed for taking everything 1 step further than you have before, and through hard work both in and out of the lessons, achieve an A Level in one of the most challenging but rewarding A level courses there is to offer.

Sixth form students wanting to further secure their mathematical skills to support other A Levels can study Core Mathematics.


GCSE Examinations:

OCR GCSE Mathematics (J560)

Foundation Level – Grades 1 – 5

Higher Level – Grades 3 – 9



A-Level Examinations:

Edexcel A-Level in Mathematics

Edexcel Mathematics in Context (Level 3 Certificate in Core Mathematics)

Through our Trinity Sixth Form we also accommodate for Further Mathematics.

Link to National Curriculum:




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