What is included in the course?

Within Mathematics you will develop your knowledge in number, geometry, algebra and statistics. There will be an emphasis on conceptual understanding and problem solving as well as addressing student misconceptions. The balance and depth of the work covered is differentiated to suit the needs of all abilities. Programmes of learning all include using and applying mathematics. These important skills involve improving students’ ability to reason and apply logic; they are transferable to other subjects and vital to prospective employers.

  • Number – fractions, decimals, percentages, number operations, ratio and proportion.
  • Algebra – simplifying algebra, solving and constructing equations and sequences.
  • Geometry – shapes, area, volume, angles, transformations and triangle problems.
  • Statistics – analysing averages, constructing and describing charts and probability.

How will I be assessed?

  • Open book exams for in-class assessments throughout the year.
  • Terminal exams at the end of the year where class notes will not be accessible.
  • Y11 – GCSE exams consisting of two calculator and one non-calculator paper. Year 11 exams are all scheduled in the main hall. Duration: 1 hr 30 minutes per paper.

What grades are available?

The grades available are 9 – I where 9 is the top grade.

Progression/Career Opportunities

This course is excellent preparation for Post 16 courses such as Mathematics or Science A levels. There are also links to university degree courses in Mathematics, Engineering, Accountancy and Computing. For more information on careers in mathematics visit

Who should I contact for more information?

  • Mrs. A. Pavitt  – Acting Subject Leader

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