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Statement of Intent

An ambitious Key Stage 3 curriculum which immerses students in knowledge of universal themes that influence the Literary Canon.  Each year group will visit and revisit key historical eras and subsequent literature to establish a foundation for their enriched cultural understanding and appreciation of texts. This is the knowledge rich basis from which students will develop their resilience and ability to cope with the demands of the GCSE curriculum; independently and confidently analysing texts, introducing critical theory.

Students will be exposed to a plethora of texts which will foster a love of reading and writing. The aim of the rich and diverse choices of texts is to further encourage the development of spiritual, moral and social values that permeate throughout, as well as help to develop the whole child.



A well sequenced Key Stage 3 establishes a stable foundation to develop independent, resilient and critical learners. Students will be able to perceptively evaluate and analyse a range of seen and unseen texts from the Literary Canon. Students will have the knowledge to confidently locate texts within their cultural, historical and social contexts, further enhancing their understanding of writers’ intentions.

The curriculum has been designed to encourage learners to make informed connections between texts, exploring the importance of contextual factors, the writers’ intentions and the role of the reader in bringing the piece to life. Students will be able to expertly articulate arguments as well as creative ideas in the forms of fiction and non-fiction writing.

The breadth and depth of the curriculum provides engaging opportunities and will invigorate; ensuring that all learners embrace an aspirational love of learning.



A Key Stage 5 curriculum designed to enable students to further develop and apply their knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation in writing. The curriculum encourages learners to read widely and independently; developing their love of literature and literary studies. Students will engage critically and creatively with a substantial body of texts, exploring the context of the texts they are reading and others’ interpretations.


A Journey Through the Literary Canon



Curriculum Plan

GCSE Examinations:

AQA GCSE English Language

AQA GCSE English Literature

Link to National Curriculum: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-curriculum-in-england-english-programmes-of-study


A-Level English Literature

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