Career Guidance

Careers Information and Guidance Plan


Year Group / objective   Additional Support for identified groups of students LEAD

DESCRIBEdifferent career paths and the steps necessary to enter various professions

RECALL different ‘types’ of learners and predict the types of professions suited to each.

RECOGNISEthe importance of resilience and that failure is learning. To develop a growth mind-set that facilitates success at secondary level.



Buzz Quiz – what animal are you? Completed as home learning, discussed in form time and printed to bring to the day


Full Pastoral Day – Introduction talk about the local job market / opportunities available

XPO logistics – introductions as animals – link to Buzz Quiz

Workshops with different animal groups – strengths / areas to develop

Team building / resilience / consider future



Growth mind-set work throughout AOW / forms



Support with the Buzz Quiz – to be completed with LSP




Visit to XSPO logistics (approx. 90 students) to see the company and the different levels of work available.




Most Able – Raising aspirations workshop




C Smith (AHT)



Tutor team


XPO logistics



SELECT suitable GCSE option subjects, making informed choices based on a broad knowledge of career opportunities both nationally and locally.



Links to your future week for all Y8 classes as options evening approaches. All departments to link their first lesson during this week to careers focusing on transferable skills.


NEC Challenge KS3 – NOA funding


Options evening


Parents evenings x2 – to be attended by careers


Growth mind-set work throughout AOW / forms






Additional options explored as appropriate for each year group – eg. Princes Trust / ASDAN / Horticulture


Small group session led by careers – 1 hour about goal setting / ambition and local opportunities.

(Moving Aspiration to Expectation)












J Stubbs (AHT)



Tutor team





ANALYSE various local job roles identifying the qualifications needed, the personal skills necessary and the further opportunities each could lead to.

COMPAREand CONTRASTvarious opportunities across the local area



My Perfect University workshop – Funding through HH+ followed by the option to visit a university.


English Project – Interview a family member / friend about their job, what it involves, skills they utilise etc. and present to classes – Oral presentation element of course? As part of this interview ask employer to complete a questionnaire including whether they would be prepared to offer work experience / come in to talk to groups? Class vote – who would you like to find out more about? – invite to come into school to talk to the class.

Young Enterprise – up to 25 Y9 – application process – short presentation. (NOA funding)


Vocations week – RE department – What is discernment – link to vocation in its truest sense.


Growth mind-set work throughout AOW / forms










Support in class with presentations



Visit to our two local universities.



Visit from Oxford / Cambridge to discuss life and raise expectations.



Small group session with Careers advisor – myth busting.




J Stubbs (AHT)


HOD (English)



Tutor team




SELECT appropriate work experience opportunities.

PREPAREand PLAN for work experience.


National Enterprise Challenge – whole year group – funding HH+


WORK READY WEEK – including CV writing workshop (XPO logistics), body language workshop, visits to at least two cornerstone employers, visit to a university (not local), information about local and national opportunities and expected qualifications for each. What are the types of courses post 16?


Growth mind-set work throughout AOW / forms


1 parents evening to be attended by careers

1 parents evening to be attended by local university stands (hosted by parents?)






Visit to local college offering suitable vocational post 16 courses. Possible regular placement where appropriate.



Visit to Oxbridge / Russell Group University.



1-1 meeting with Careers advisor in the summer term.


E Todd (AHT)



Tutor Team


Careers team / LEP




DECIDE upon a suitable post 16 pathway utilising skills, knowledge and understanding gained over the years.


Small group sessions – A levels vs BTECs, College vs Apprenticeships, Different types of apprenticeships, What does ‘vocational’ actually mean?, Where can I find a job / apprenticeship etc. These to take place during two identified weeks on the school calendar (I&G weeks) for targeted students identified through surveys.


Individual 1-1 guidance – all have at least one appointment.


Market place about A level subjects (by students for students)

Taster week – including taster lessons / visits to university etc.


Growth mind-set work throughout AOW / forms


2 x parents evenings to be attended by careers

Post 16 options evening



Visits to and placements at local colleges continue where appropriate.



Linked to a Y12 / 13 student where appropriate.



10 students (HATs) mentoring through HH+



1-1 guidance as necessary.




E Todd (AHT)/ ADO (AAHT)



Tutor team


Careers team /LEP


Y12  & Y13

To consider the value of various post 18 pathways including further HE study, apprenticeship and employment.


Whole year group / small group sessions as appropriate for the cohort of students.

Visit to a minimum of one UCAS fair, one general Careers fair and one university.

Individual 1-1 guidance – all have at least one appointment.

Work experience / work placement as appropriate.

Growth mind-set work throughout AOW / forms



A Donbavand (AAHT)





Across school planned opportunities





Information and Guidance week 2 – to coincide with a community careers fair (February)

This to include information and guidance for all year groups / information about further training opportunities for adults and access to all training providers.

During this week – whole school starter ‘Before I became a teacher I ………’




NOA – Future First – Accurate destinations data – tracked longer term online (NOA funding)

Alumni of the school built up to increase opportunities for employer encounters / increased aspirations for future students

3 workshops – employer encounters – Year 8 / Year 9 and Year 11.




Y10, 11 and 12 – Invitation to apply for a week off timetable (at a place of work – XPO logistics or city council to provide a room) to set up an ICT Digital Marketing company. Experience of application process / interview and feedback. Week one of Spring term if possible.



Career Ready – Y10 and Y12/13

Since 2002, Career Ready has connected employers with schools & colleges to provide young people aged 14-18 with mentors, internships, masterclasses, and employer-led activities that prepare them for the world of work.

They believe that every young person should have the skills, confidence and opportunity to enjoy a rewarding future. That’s why they work across the UK to connect disadvantaged young people with the world of work, unlocking their potential and levelling the playing field.



CV writing / linked in profile set up etc workshop for 60 target Y10-13



Aspiration Day for Y9 – 12 NCOP – Why HE? – through HH+


This is a working plan and will be added to throughout the year as opportunities become available for our students.

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