Student Leadership

At St Thomas More Catholic Academy, we believe that Student Voice should be the loudest voice in the school and that students should play an active leadership role in school improvement. St Thomas More Catholic Academy is committed to developing aspiring leaders of the future. Student Leadership is an integral part of school life and allows students to contribute to whole school improvement and the running of the Academy.

Student, staff and all stakeholders work together to develop an Outstanding Catholic school with Christ at the centre of all our work.

100 student leadership positions across the Academy Foster a cohesive Catholic community where all are known and loved.

Facilitate proactive and reflective leadership at all levels of the school with a strong moral purpose, demonstrating leadership in prayer and Acts of Worship.

Inspire others to develop their God-given talents and further their love for learning.

Develop strong and positive links with the wider community and local charities.

Develop an Outstanding Catholic school with Christ at the centre of all our work.

Secure sustained improvement of outcomes for all students in all subjects.

Work as a team to develop an outstanding teaching and learning pedagogy that drives student achievement.

Enrich students’ academic learning by providing opportunities outside the classroom.

Support outstanding provision of literacy and numeracy across the school.

Support and develop a love of reading in all students.

Develop an Outstanding Catholic school with Christ at the centre of all our work.

Enable all students to become self-regulated members of the school community with high levels of aspiration and the resilience to reach their goals.

Support other students through the transition process between all Key Stages.

Develop an Outstanding Catholic school with Christ at the centre of all our work.

KS5 Student Spiritual Director

Charlotte Parry


Head Boy & Head Girl

Roshni Haque and Charlie Daws

Deputy Head Boy & Deputy Head Girl

Wiktoria Fudala and Thomas Gallimore-Barker

Academic Mentor

Shazia Iqbal, Carlha Cabie, Tabassum Alom Kushbu, Hassan Hashmi

Senior Prefect

Carhla Cabie, Natasha Ahmed, Tabassum Alom Kushbu, Hassan Hashmi

KS4 Youth Chaplaincy Team

Kyle King, Troy Gerrard, Hayden Peake, John Henry

Charity & Community Ambassador

Olivia McDonnell, Chelsey Whittaker, Aimee Johnson, Richmond Addai, Hollie Bentley


Senior Prefect

Joyce Makabayi, Molly-Anne Cooper, Charlotte Taberner, Anet Pauly, Ellie-Amber Knights, Prosper Kadiki

Sports Ambassador

Daniel Holdcroft

Literacy Ambassadors

Amira Khan, Prosper Kadiki, Courtney Locker, Gia Carrarini

Numeracy Ambassador

Courtney Pennington, Megan Taylor

Academic Mentors

Ghopichristika Kanthansamy,  Anet Pauly, Megan Dale

Primary Ambassador

Chelsey Whittaker

Peer Mentors

Joyce Makabayi, Maia Alexander, Leah Forkin, Jessica Hull

Student Council

Kyle King

KS3 Youth Chaplaincy Team

Samuel O’Reilly-Smith, Owen Macaulley, Cody Jones, Megan Walklate, Teigan Eveson, Lexie Tomlinson

Charity & Community Ambassador

Daniel Lawrence, Ewan Henry, Izabel Littleton, Katelyn O’Reilly-Smith, Rebecca Cole, Abigail Tonks

Senior Prefect

Anna Vijee, Mitchell Wright, Hajrah Ahmed, Nura Bakari, Millie-Mae Cash, Faiza Hashmi, Rahbot Wolde-Michael, Tamjeed Majeed


Sports Ambassador

Lewis Milburn, Lakieshia Hodgkiss, Libby Filkin, Jayden Chow, Ben Ford, Isobell Martin, Joseph Jones

Literacy Ambassador

Mitchell Wright, Victoria Wojciechowska, Scarlett Lowe

Numeracy Ambassador

Katelyn O’Reilly-Smith, Abiha Fatima

Primary Ambassador

Anna Vijee, Hajrah Ahmed, Victoria Wojciechowska Freyja Jones, Amber James


Peer Mentors

Asia Burgess, Charlotte White

Student Council

Angel Cabral, Keiran Goodall, Jasmine Harborow, Isabella Harborow, Dylan Byrne, Zane Dawson, Aliyah Hussain


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