Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

Summer 2021 will be the year that students will receive Teacher Assessed Grade (TAGs) based on internal evidence rather than external examinations. Following two academic years of disruption which has challenged our students personally and academically, we welcome this unique opportunity to support our students to achieve the grades that they deserve.


Subject leaders and teaching staff have worked hard to select appropriate opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning and gather evidence. This evidence will support teaching staff to allocate a TAG that reflects a student’s ability.


To ensure consistently and to check all grades are appropriate there will be three levels of internal quality assurance; student level, qualification level and school level. This will ensure TAGs are not too lenient or too harsh in comparison to previous years. Further to this the school will be subject to external quality assurance and results will not be released to students on results days until they are confident they are evidence based and accurate.


The full St Thomas More Catholic Academy TAG Centre policy is linked here.



Range of Evidence for Qualifications

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) recommends evidence should be used consistently across a cohort and provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning from the course studied. Linked below are our qualifications with the range of evidence being used to inform students’ TAGs and the dates where this evidence was completed. This information has already been shared with students in lesson.

Year 11
Exam Board/Qualification Subject
AQA GCSE English Language
AQA GCSE English Literature
AQA GCSE Combined Science (Trilogy)
AQA GCSE Art & Design (Fine Art)
AQA GCSE Product Design / Textiles (Design & Technology)
AQA GCSE Food and Nutrition
AQA GCSE Geography
AQA GCSE Spanish
Pearson Edexcel GCSE Business Studies
Pearson Edexcel GCSE History
Pearson BTEC Tech Award Performing Arts
OCR GCSE Mathematics
OCR GCSE Computer Science
OCR Cambridge National Certificate Sport Science
OCR Cambridge National Certificate Health & Social Care
OCR Cambridge National  Certificate Creative iMedia
OCR Cambridge National Certificate Engineering
OCR Cambridge National Certificate Enterprise & Marketing
NCFE Technical Award Child Care


Year 10
OCR Cambridge National Certificate Sport Studies
NCFE Technical Award Child Care
NCFE Technical Award Health & Social Care
AQA Tech Award Performing Arts


For further information about Y10 units being completed this year please speak to the subject leader for the subject.


Year 13
Exam Board/Qualification Subject
OCR Level 3 Technical Extended Certificate Health & Social Care
OCR Level 3 Technical Diploma Health & Social Care (double award)
OCR Level 3 Technical Extended Certificate Sport & Physical Activity
OCR Level 3 Introductory Diploma IT
OCR Level 3 Extended Certificate Digital Media
NCFE Extended Diploma Sport & Physical Activity (Coaching) David Campbell
BTEC Extended Certificate Applied Law (top up from Certificate at end of start of Year 13)
BTEC Extended Certificate Applied Science (registrations from September 2021 (top up for Year 13 students) – also studied at SJF
AQA A Level Biology
AQA A Level Chemistry
AQA A Level Physics (Turning Points)
AQA A Level Psychology
AQA A Level Sociology
Pearson Edexcel A Level Mathematics
 AQA A Level Geography
OCR A Level English Literature
WJEC Eduqas A Level RE
Pearson Edexcel Project EPQ
AQA A Level English Literature (studied at SJF)
AQA A Level Computer Science (studied at SJF)
AQA A Level Drama (studied at SMW)
AQA A Level German (studied at SJF)
BTEC Extended Diploma Health & Social Care (studied at SMW)
Pearson Edexcel A Level Further Maths (studied at SJF)
OCR A Level Art & Design (studied at SMW)


Year 12
Exam Board/Qualification Subject
OCR Level 3 Technical Certificate Health & Social Care
OCR Level 3 Technical Certificate Sport & Physical Activity
OCR Level 3 Certificate Digital Media


For further information about subjects studied at Trinity Partnership Schools please email abradbury@stmca.org.uk.



The appeals process for each year group opens on results day.

Please note there are some very specific rules regarding how and why you can make an appeal. You cannot appeal simply because you do not agree with your grade. If you think you may wish to appeal, it is important that you have spoken to the available senior leaders during results day week and essential you read the documentation linked below.

  1. St Thomas More Catholic Academy Letter – Information about appeals at our school and where to submit appeals
  2. JCQ Exam Board Guidance – Information about who can appeal and how to fill in an appeal form
  3. JCQ Exam Board Leaflet
  4. JCQ Appeal Form – Initially Section A must be completed by students



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