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The Prince’s Trust ‘Achieve’ Course

Curriculum Sequence

Please click on the icons below to view the curriculum sequence for each Key Stage.  The curriculum sequence will show you what students should know and be able to do in the subject, alongside the key ‘tier 3’ subject specific vocabulary that your child needs to understand to allow them to access the deeper curriculum.  The curriculum sequence also lists the ‘key assessment questions’ each term/half term that your child will be asked during assessments to help your child to prepare effectively, as well as the ‘disciplinary rigour’ which explains the methods, conventions, rules and practices that are specific to that subject.

Princes Trust


AIM Curriculum Sequence


The Prince’s Trust ‘Achieve’ course is a highly regarded programme which aims to help our students to create a better future for themselves. At St Thomas More Catholic Academy, the course’s curriculum has been specifically designed to meet the following aims:

  • To strengthen all of the crucial skills needed for adulthood;
  • To steer our students onto a pathway to employment and enterprise;
  • To build on the foundations of essential English and Mathematics skills learnt in Key Stage 3 – fully embracing and supporting students from their varying starting points;
  • To consolidate and extend topics learnt within Relationships, Social, Health Education which directly affect our students within the locality;
  • To educate the whole person by developing confidence and opportunities to learn through alternative methods of study;
  • To boost engagement with motivation and in turn, improving achievement and attendance throughout all subjects;
  • To secure each student’s plans and preparations for their next step of education or training, after education at St Thomas More;
  • To develop essential workplace skills which help students become career-ready individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

ASDAN’s ‘Certificate of Personal Effectiveness’ (CoPE) and ‘Personal and Social Effectiveness’ Courses


ASDAN’s mission is to engage young people in greatest need to achieve meaningful learning outcomes which elevate them go on to further education, training or work, and empower them to take control of their lives. St Thomas More Catholic Academy does this through an accessible and ambitious curriculum. 

Implementation of Prince’s Trust and ASDAN

The Prince’s Trust and ASDAN curriculum is delivered by our dedicated staff who are highly skilled in, and passionate about raising the confidence, attainment and outcomes for all of our students by removing any barriers to learning which a student may be currently experiencing. Classes contain a high teacher to student ratio to ensure learning is intensive whilst adopting alternative methods of learning to meet the intent of boosting engagement and achievement of every student – whether they are more able, have English as an Additional Language, are ‘Pupil Premium’ and students who have Special Educational Needs.

Through high aspirations and ambition for all learners, students follow a bespoke, individualised programme of study, tailored to their interests, which enables them to achieve accelerated progress in this subject and develop skills to help succeed in other subjects as well as reach their own goals for future study, training or employment.

Students have a high level of autonomy in Prince’s Trust and ASDAN through following the very adaptable units specifically chosen for our current cohorts.


Overview of Curriculum Sequence

End of Course Assessments

Assessment is via submission of portfolios for both Prince’s Trust and ASDAN.

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