What is included in the course?

Students will learn from 7 different topic areas:

  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology
  • Movement Analysis
  • Physical Training
  • Use of Data
  • Sports Psychology
  • Socio-cultural Influences
  • Health Fitness and Well-being.

Students will also take part in a range of practical activities and their best three activities will be used as part of their final mark. One activity must be from an individual sport, one from a team sport and the other from either an individual or a team sport. Students will also complete an analysis and evaluation of one of their three sports being assessed.

How will I be assessed?

  • • Assessed in 3 separate areas
    • 2 exam papers (60% of GCSE)
    • 1 Non-examined assessment. ( 40% of GCSE)
    • Both exrun papers 1 hour and 15 minutes each
    • Both worth 78 marks each
    • Each exam worth 30% of final mark
    • Paper 1 The Human Body and Movement in Physical Activity and Paper 2 Socio-cultural Influences and Well­being in Physical Activity and Sport
    • Non-examined assessment (NEA): Practical performance in Physical Activity and Sport
    • Students will be assessed in three different activities and complete an analysis and evaluation of performance in one of those activities.

What grades are available?

This course is worth a full GCSE with a grade from 1-9. Grade 9 being the top grade.

Recommended reading?

AQA GCSE (9-1) PE. Hodder Education.

Career Progression

This course will prepare students for A’ level Physical Education and a career in the sports industry.

Who should I contact for 1nore information?

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