GCSE Business

What is included in the course?

Within Business Studies you will develop a critical understanding of organisations and the markets they serve. Topics include:

  • Enterprise & entrepreneurship – characteristics of entrepreneurs
  • Spotting a business opportunity -market mapping & analysing competitors
  • Understanding external influences on businesses -the business cycle, interest rates & exchange rates
  • Making marketing decisions -marketing mix, pricing strategies & product portfolio analysis
  • Making operational decisions – stock management, controlling quality & productivity
  • Making financial decisions -calculating revenue, costs & profit, cash flow staten1ents, break-even analysis
  • Making human resources decisions – motivation, organisational charts, communication and remuneration (paying workers).

How will I be assessed?

  • Case study assessments within lessons to apply your business theory to unfamiliar scenarios.
  • Regular home learning tasks to focus on exam skills.
  • Y11 – Two written examinations, both lasting 1hour 30 minutes. Both exams total 90 Marks and have a 50% weighting to the overall GCSE qualification. Questions consist of calculations, multiple-choice, short-answer and extended writing questions.

What grades are available?

The grades available are 9-1

Progression/Career Opportunities

This course is excellent preparation for Post-16 courses such as A-level Business, BTEC Business & A-level Economics. Many students continue their business education by going on to study at degree level, focusing on some aspect that they have particularly enjoyed such as Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance and Marketing and Event Management.


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Who should I contact for more information?

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